We are passionate about creating brands that make the world a little better.

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We live in a different era.

People aren’t buying products or services simply based on “what” it is or does.
Today, they’re buying the “why” behind it; the purpose, cause or belief that’s at the core of its existence.

More companies have realized that this could be the difference between success and not getting off the ground.

In other words: if you’re selling a product only, you run the risk of being left behind. Whereas leading with the purpose or cause behind it, gives you the opportunity to speak to – and involve – consumers who are more socially-conscious than ever before.

Imagine making a difference in the world, simply by going to work.

Whatever social issue becomes your cause — education, the environment, or the neighborhood you live in — your company can become bigger than just a business.

You’ll be bringing about positive change. You’ll empower customers by helping them make a difference. You’ll have a relationship built on a common purpose; that will lead to customers who keep coming back, and bringing in new ones.

Today’s most vibrant companies are the cause-driven ones. They’re the ones in tune with their customers, their community and the world we live in.

Just imagine the impact you could have on the world — with a revamped brand message and image that defines your company as one with a purpose.

Our passion, innovation and expertise is reflected in the work we do.

As a cause-driven company Unify Interactive lives and breathes the idea of making a difference. It’s at the heart of our company, in everyone we employ, and it will be our chief focus when working with you.

To start, we’ve discovered the best way to showcase a company is to approach it from the inside-out. To that end, Unify Interactive goes beyond the creation of branding and messaging:

• We provide strategies to help companies embrace and successfully market their cause.

Unify Interactive offers a full range of services; from compelling copy & video and attention-getting design to make you stand out, to web & app development for growth. As a company with a message that sets us apart, we promise to make your cause the driving force that sets your business apart, too.

Become a vital part of today’s relationship centric market. Be more dynamic, motivating, successful. Get results. Inspire loyalty. Unify Interactive can help you achieve it all.

A trusted name since 2009.

...and many more

Couple samples

A comprehensive portal we created for Atlantic Council, complete with the ability to add news stories, videos, and reports about Russia’s disinformation campaigns.
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A new brand refresh, tagline, copy, website, video, and all print materials from billboards to annual reports.
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