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to ambitious causes

If there’s a cause you care about, a product or service that’s important to you — let’s partner together and get your message seen. With a video that speaks volumes. A website that “wows.” Copy that compels.

We’re all about making things better. Just like you.

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We improve
branding effectiveness.

Your message will be shaped and refined.

We’ll create hard-hitting copy that sells, with words that reflect your passion.

You’ll have a well thought-out, unique look.

We’ll design a look by using only the design elements that are right for your message.

You’ll attract more donors/customers/ clients.

Your message will be clearly communicated so that you’ll get better results for your cause, service or product.

Without cohesive branding, your cause could be a lost one.

A look and tone that’s not designed and managed properly leads to confusion and lost donations and customers — no matter how worthy your cause, service, or product.

Your message is hard
to understand.

Copy that rambles and isn’t concise will be hard to read or completely ignored.

Your customers are

The call-to-action isn’t clearly stated so customers don’t know what to do next. Or even worse, there’s no call-to-action.

Your look isn’t

Presentation is everything so if you aren’t making a good impression, you won’t get results.

You don’t have brand

Varying colors, designs that aren’t coherent, and logos that come out of left field don’t present a cohesive message — and are also very hard on the eyes.
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Strong branding for your non-profit will better help it profit.

You’ll have a look and tone that’s unique to your brand; one that clearly states a message that customers and funders will act on and that you can take pride in.

You’ll have a strong identity.

You’ll be able to stand apart from the competition; with a design, tone, logo, and more — especially created for you.

Your reputation will grow.

Strong branding means strong credibility, as well as an enhanced image for you in your field.

You’ll get more results.

People are more likely to make donations and spend money when they’re presented with clarity, style and substance. Your message will ring truer and people will respond.
Picture taken on set of United Way Campaign Video

Partner to Ambitious Causes

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Our Happy Clients

Unify helped us navigate this incredibly well, and we feel the final product is absolutely stellar. A full new website, clear and enticing messaging, a set of tools to engage our community.

Tim Lee
Tim Lee
Executive Director

Through brainstorming sessions, it was clear that Unify's desire to tell our story required thorough understanding of our "why". Why do we do what we do? Together, we developed mission, vision and belief statements that accurately convey our passion, our purpose. This experience was a ton of fun!

Michael Tukeva
Michael Tukeva
Pocono Alliance

Our Process

Step One

Step One

The first step is to listen intently to identify your needs and make sure we can meet those needs.
Step Two

Step Two

We work together to understand your tone, unique difference, why you do what you do, gathering the right information to proceed.
Step Three

Step Three

We collaborate in creating marketing assets that will effectively meet your goals. (copy, website, graphic design, photos, video)
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Let’s do some good. Together.

Since 2015, Unify Interactive has been supporting organizations that are impacting the greater good.

We started back in 2009 by working with any business we could, but today we take pride in being a creative agency solely dedicated to doing meaningful work with the greater good in mind.

Our mission is to use our gifts to make the world better. We aspire to be the go-to resource in the Poconos area that non-profits and organizations seek out in their mission to improve the lives of people and the communities they live in.

To that end, we support organizations as if their cause was our cause, and their vision, our vision. By becoming emotionally invested in them, we are better able to tap into the pulse of their organizations and tell their stories as if they were our own.

Some companies are all about labels, products, sales. Our “products” are messages of kindness, caring, helping, improving, inspiring, and everything else that falls under the umbrella of doing good.

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A cause, a service, a product— is yours branded for success?

Build A Better Brand.

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Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist

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