We’re All About The Why.
Education. The disadvantaged. The neighborhood you live in. Whatever you want to promote, we’ll back your passion with our own. And partner with you to create a positive impact that gets results.

What Are You About?

Why does your company do what it does? What is your purpose, belief? We’re all about worthwhile causes; so tell us the issue you care about most. And we’ll work with you to help make a difference.

How Can We Best Tell Your Story?

Eye-catching design, compelling copy, cost-effective websites. Powerful 4k and HD commercial video quality and web video services. We’ll showcase your message however you like. And create them all with eyes that are trained — to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.


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Focusing solely on the story that helps organizations grow.
Realized our niche and started aligning with organizations focused on the greater good.
Worked primarily with other agencies in supporting their work, while building our strengths.
Launched Unify Interactive with the idea of unifying business’ marketing materials in one place.

Some clients we have served

Unify has helped us create a meaningful and engaging platform to communicate our message which is a difficult concept to convey: collective impact. We are a local United Way with specific global branding requirements, but also a lot of flexibility in how we want to create local messaging and tools unique to our community. Unify helped us navigate this incredibly well, and we feel the final product is absolutely stellar. A full new website, clear and enticing messaging, a set of tools to engage our community, and an easy way to regularly update everything by ourselves, despite us being a very small team. Highly recommend working with Unify Interactive.
Michael Albert
Michael Albert CEO of United Way of Monroe County
Through brainstorming sessions, it was clear that Unify's desire to tell our story required a thorough understanding of our "why". Why do we do what we do? Together, we developed mission, vision and belief statements that accurately convey our passion, our purpose. This experience was a ton of fun! Everyone in the organization got excited as we whittled down to our core messaging. Then, we had the opportunity to tell this story through pictures and videos along with our website. More excitement. More passion came out. I would encourage others to meet the folks at Unify Interactive and to experience their culture of 'doing business'.
MIchael Tukeva
MIchael Tukeva Executive Director of Pocono Alliance
Unify Interactive built two complex and time-sensitive websites for our school district. The quality of work far exceeded expectations and we give them our highest recommendation. Great! Professionalism is outstanding. Communication is clear and always timely. We were on a super tight timeline, and their team worked weekends and evenings to get the job done for us ahead of schedule. It was a fantastic experience working with them. We also appreciate how they provided insight and advice on how we could refine our vision to improve the final product. These guys know their stuff, and the advice they provided along the way helped us to avoid mistakes and made the final product so much better.
Mike Smart
Mike Smart Innovation Facilitator at District 287

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