If people relate to your cause but not your website,
we can fix that.

Let's do some good. Together.

Your heart’s in the right place. Your website, not so much.

Allow us to add the “wow” of eye-catching design and hard-hitting copy that packs a punch, attracts more hits. And makes you feel proud.

For over 10 years, Unify Interactive has helped companies achieve measurable outcomes, increase sales, and become more relatable to the people they want to reach. 

Work with us, and the passion you have for your cause, product or service will become ours. With an end result that compels people to act, buy, donate. 

Our Mission

To work with small businesses and non-profits that care about their cause, product or service.
We want to do meaningful work, and at the same time help grow your company. We promise our clients a working relationship based on mutual respect, trust and care. We never take a client for granted, Our deliverables are always on time. We don’t believe in lip-service or the run-around you may find in bigger agencies. Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary; our creations will always exceed your expectations.

Our Vision

To be a messenger that spreads what’s good and caring to the world.
Your business reflects what you care about, and what good you want it to do for others. We want to be the trusted source that businesses turn to when they want their statement to leave its mark. Whether it’s for their community, country or even the world, think of Unify Interactive as the agency that embodies the goodness of the important message you want to share.

Here is what clients said about Unify Interactive.

Unify Interactive has designed a number of websites for clients of mine. They have equally strong design and coding skills. A combination that is quite rare and which, in my experience, sets them apart from many other similarly sized shops. Regarding workflow, Unify has a very disciplined process that results in 0 drama. Another big plus when you are juggling multiple projects. I recommend them highly.

- Patrick Sutherland

Unify Interactive built two complex and time-sensitive websites for our school district. The quality of work far exceeded expectations and we give them our highest recommendation. Great!

Professionalism is outstanding. Communication is clear and always timely. We were on a super tight timeline, and their team worked weekends and evenings to get the job done for us ahead of schedule. It was a fantastic experience working with them. 

- Michael Smart

Unify has helped us create a meaningful and engaging platform to communicate our message which is a difficult concept to convey: collective impact. We are a local United Way with specific global branding requirements, but also a lot of flexibility in how we want to create local messaging and tools unique to our community. Unify helped us navigate this incredibly well, and we feel the final product is absolutely stellar. A full new website, clear and enticing messaging, a set of tools to engage our community, and an easy way to regularly update everything by ourselves, despite us being a very small team. Highly recommend working with Unify Interactive.

- Micheal Albert

The folks at Unify Interactive genuinely believe this. They start a relationship with every client, cultivate it through the creative progress and stand with them after the job is done.

When we engaged Unify Interactive, we knew from the start that they would go above and beyond our expectation. Through brainstorming sessions, it was clear that Unify's desire to tell our story required thorough understanding of our "why". Why do we do what we do? Together, we developed mission, vision and belief statements that accurately convey our passion, our purpose. This experience was a ton of fun! Everyone in the organization got excited as we whittled down to our core messaging.

Then, we had the opportunity to tell this story through pictures and videos along with our website. More excitement. More passion came out.


- Michael Tukeva 

As the CMO at Nepa, I trusted Shawn and his team with all of our creative and digital marketing needs. 

They partnered with us to modernize and cascade our visual identity across multiple channels - web, social media, sales collateral, expo booths, and more.

Nepa is a global firm, and Shawn brought empathy, commitment, and organization to produce a massive portfolio of work that delivered significant return on investment. 


Sean Dunn


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