on March 5, 2021

Is Your Brand Set Up To Succeed?

Your heart’s in the right place, but without brand know-how, it won’t help your cause. You may even hurt it unintentionally, so keep these basic guidelines in mind.


Who Are You Talking To?

The audience varies with the causes. Does your cause call for donations only wealthy people can afford? Are you talking to parents of school-age children, or a community that needs improvement?

  •  Think about how your cause relates to your audience.
  • Put yourself in their place, and consider their point of view. Say what your audience needs to hear; i.e., tell them what they can do to improve their child’s school, or how their actions can make their neighborhood safer.

Give Values Top Priority.

Decide what’s most important about your mission and keep those goals front and center.

  • These are the things that are really crucial, the ones you don’t want to do half-way. These key elements should never change, no matter what else changes in your company.

“Blah” Won’t Do; Your Brand Needs Personality.

Whether it’s warm, friendly, humorous, or straightforward, your tone should always be consistent.

  • Always be honest; you don’t want to raise false expectations with over promises. Your audience will sense “phony” from a mile away, so stay away from flowery language.
  • Strong copy is always good, but be careful about sounding harsh. Your reputation depends on how you relate to your audience so be smart about the words you use.

What Does Your Audience Get Emotionally?

Think about the emotional value your audience will get from your brand. What will they feel when they make a donation or answer a call for your cause?

For instance:
I engage with BRANDY’S STRAYS because I feel happy knowing I am helping stray animals get the care they need.

Be A Stand-Out.

Stake out a claim that makes you different and owns it, flaunts it, and hype it. Is it your unique background? Is it something that leads you to pursue this cause in the first place? Whatever it is, be proud and show it off — copy-wise, design-wise, EVERY-wise.

A cause, a service, a product— is yours branded for success?

Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist.

Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist

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