on March 18, 2021

Oops! Branding Mistakes Happen.

Learning from mistakes is a good thing, but not making them is even better. Here are some basic “don’ts” to keep in mind.

Don’t Wing It; A Brand Strategy Is An Absolute Must.

Before you begin, you need a brand strategy. It will define your non-profit’s objectives, and identify your audience and ways to stand apart from your competition. Learn all you can, ask questions, do research. Your non-profit will be seen by the world, so a full understanding of branding is needed. Even then, it’s worth having a strategist’s help.

Don’t Slap On A Logo And Think You’re Branded.

Branding defines your business through colors, visuals, logos and more, all working together strategically and aesthetically. Think about having a professional strategist, designer and writer combine their talents and create branding that will say you’re serious about your cause.

Don’t Be Stingy; It Will Cost You.

Using a cheap design service may initially save you money, but you’ll be left with a cheap-looking, unappealing brand. Your brand must have a unified, attractive look, and resonate with your audience. Unless you have design experience, you should hire a professional who can truly showcase the pride you have in your non-profit.

Don’t Be Inconsistent.

Imagine if you suddenly saw blue Coca-Cola logos. Or if McDonalds changed their arches to something else. Besides causing confusion, these big differences may cause a big change in your trust in these brands. A basic rule to follow? Always keep your logo and color palette the same.

Don’t Deviate From Your Brand Guidelines.

A lot of mistakes can be avoided by having a set of brand guidelines and sticking to it at all times. Placement of logo, preferred colors and type style, photography, tone of voice, and more must be included and followed. This way, your non-profit will always look and sound consistent across different media.

A cause, a service, a product— is yours branded for success?

Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist.

Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist

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