on March 1, 2021

What Story Do You Want To Tell?

Everything in your branding will revolve around the story you want to tell. Think about and write down what you want your brand to be known for. Be specific and descriptive.

Sure, you want to help those in need; but do you want your non-profit to come across as warm and caring? Or is fighting and advocating more your style?

Ultimately, the goal is the same. The difference lies in how you present yourself through language — and that is where you’ll be set apart from your competitors.

It might help you to google other non-profits to see how their styles vary in look, language and tone. Ask yourself what feels more comfortable to you? What style expresses you best? Which tone do you feel would best get your message across?

A cause, a service, a product— is yours branded for success?

Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist.

Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist

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