on February 5, 2021

Your Cause And Your Logo

Your logo will be an unique symbol or design that identifies your company. We’re all familiar with popular logos like Chanel’s interlocking Cs, Twitter’s bird, Pepsi’s red, white and blue globe. Your logo should instantly identify your brand, too.

Basic Guidelines For Your Causes’ Logo

For it to be effective, a logo designer should keep certain things in mind. Is it pleasing to look at? Is it distinctive? Are the colors right for your brand’s mission and personality? Does it communicate your brand’s qualities?

Some Tips From The Great Ones

The logos mentioned all have stories behind them, with value to be learned from them:

  • Chanel’s interlocking letters are still going strong after 100 years. The interlocking C’s represent Coco Chanel’s initials.
    The clean lines and proportions naturally symbolize this high-fashion branding. Your logo should also fit in with your branding theme.
  • Twitter’s bird stands for the short communications used on this platform, much like how a bird tweets. It’s smooth, clean lines represent speed and clarity. Your logo can also stand for the ways your service/cause can be used.
  • Pepsi’s globe has undergone many changes since it first appeared in the 1940s The most recent change was in the white area of the glove whose shape is now referred to as a smile. Plus, “Pepsi” printed in a lower-case font adds a laid-back vibe to that feeling of joy when opening a can of sweet, fizzy Pepsi. Your logo reflecting a positive, feel-good emotion will certainly resonate with your audience.

A cause, a service, a product— is yours branded for success?

Build A Better Brand.

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Build A Better Brand.

Download guide with checklist

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